About Us

After 20 years in corporate America, I decided to go into the Beauty Industry.  I am a current, licensed esthetician who loves skin care products.  I owned a spa for 2 1/2 years and unfortunately had to close my spa due to unforeseen life issues.  I had lots of skin care products to sell.  I, like other esthetician's, love skin care products and try skin care products before we buy them.  Many skin care companies require minimal order amounts to purchase their skin care products at wholesale.  When you are a small, growing business you can acquire a lot of skin care inventory. 

This is what happened with me.  I bought several skin care products and found that my clients liked some of the skin care lines and others did not.  So I did what other skin care businesses do, try to sell to other esthesticians.  Sometimes that is successful and sometimes it's not.  Other options are to try selling skin care products at a big discount to current clients.  That only works if they like the skin care line.

Unfortunately in the beauty industry, skin care companies do not buy back skin care products purchased by estheticians.  If a spa or skin care business does not like a skin care line; changes to a new skin care line or goes out of business, currently the only way to get rid of your products is to sell to current clients or other estheticians.  If you cannot successfully sell all your products, you either give it away or throw it in the trash.

I hear complains all the time about professional skin care products ending up on Amazon, Walmart, Target and other sites.  The consumer has no guarantee that professional skin care products sold on these sites are not expired and are the real deal per the packages.

SkinBasix is trying to change this model.  We buy skin care products from skin care businesses that are either going out of business or downsizing skin care lines or going in a different direction with their business. The skin care products purchased are new, never opened or expired. I will not knowingly sell expired products. If a brand has rebranded their products, the packaging might look different, but will not be expired. My goal is to help other skin care business to clear their inventory and keep these products out of the landfills.

There is no guarantee that products found on this site will appear again.  Get on our mailing list to keep informed of new product arrivals.